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Welcome to the Soft Life

Everyone talks about the “soft life” but what does that mean? It means making decisions that leave you feeling stress free and vibrating higher. So the best way to do that is creating experiences and activities that align with you being worry less.

I decided to plan a picnic for my girls. It was about that time for us to all link up and I chose “soft life”!

@tinywondersevents created the vibe with this luxe setting fit for queens

@sammystylin planned our outfits

@simplysashafierce brought the libations

@amwstyled brought the tiktok dances

@tracynoire brought the laughs

It came together so beautifully! The details were impeccable. From the tiki umbrellas to the cute chairs perfectly paired with a pillow. The blankets that lined the floor so sand won’t touch our feet. The speaker and games supplied so we can enjoy each others company with fun and music. The set up was literal perfection. Words really can’t describe this vibe other than “AMAZING”!

I mean can’t you see the vibes in these pictures?! It was a blast!

If you’re in south florida or plan to be, take a second to follow them on instagram & look at the packages they offer to create your next amazing experience: https:.//

Luxury packages have no price tag when you’re transitioning to the soft life… Tell TWE that Kira sent you when you book!

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