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Weekly VLOG: I Was On A Podcast | Girls Night | Brunch

Hey boo thangs! I love a weekly vlog! But for the month of September I may have to take a quick break! I have a busy birthday month! I'll definitely still be uploading videos every Wednesday & Sunday!

Make sure you're subscribed and notifications on! Don't want to miss my fall try on hauls

Friday 8.25

Pink dress: From Hot Miami Styles! Use code: KIRAHMS Lip liner:

Lip gloss:

Green purse:


Replica beach:


Fabel in miami was beautiful! Loved the vibe and scene! Customer service was horrible

Sunday 8.27


Hermes sandals Earrings @divamodaboutique


Fuzzy purse: SOLD OUT

Blue moon my fave brunch place!

Tuesday 8.30

Liquid Iv:

Micellar water:

Cotton rounds:

Jewelry cleaner:

Evian spray:


Wednesday 8.31

The office podcast Sitting in bars with cake


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