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Weekly VLOG | Barbie Movie, Day Date with Hubby, & Skincare Routine

Hey Angels! It's another vlog! Kinda boring week but let's get into it!


Dress I wore to little hen:

Little Hen is cute but definitely not for a date. Definitely for the girls! Food was yummy!


Finesse is where I ordered from Barbie Tee:

Saturday: Loved the barbie movie! it was so good! not for kids but good!

Sephora Run

Lipstick 1:

Lip Liner:

Nars Foundation:


Setting Powder:

Skincare Routine Makeup Remover Wipes:

Snail Mucin:

Facial Mist:

Skin softening serum:



Toothpaste: discontinued

Eye Cream:

Hyaluronic Cream:

Lip Mask:

Sunday: Rollers:

New Cup:


All the links above are affiliate links! I appreciate your support :) xx Kira

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