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Valentine's Day Part 1

Hey Angels! Valentine's Day is fast approaching! Let's get cuteeeeeee

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Don't forget to shop all the items in this video using the links below! Thanks for watching y'all... LOVE YOU!

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Blue Dress in the beginning:

Green Dress:

Gold Earrings:

Burgundy Dress:

Pink Velvet Dress:

Red Spaghetti Strapped Dress:

Red Gloves:

Pink Top:

Pink Satin Skirt:

Purple Satin Dress:

Pink Midi Cutout Dress:

Red Maxi Dress:


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Tools: Nikon z30:

18“ Ring Light:

FTC Disclaimer: Some links above are affiliate links from which I get a small commission but does not affect you as a customer at all. All opinions are my own :)

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