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May 2022: Amazon Fashion Must Haves

Updated: May 19, 2022

Hey Babes! It’s time to show you what is super cute on Amazon right now! Who has Prime and addicted like I am?? I love a good fashion find that I can get the NEXT day.

But let’s get serious… Amazon is overwhelming and sometimes you just need to be pointed in the right direction so you don’t have to spend hours scouring the internet for the perfect find! Here’s what I’m loving:

What do we have here is some bomb accessories with a must have clothing piece that creates versatility…

  1. Green Purse: | I love that this comes in multiple colors. I think this style bag, you need to have at least 2 colors. The mini bag is so in! Don’t miss out because I have a feeling next summer they might be OUT!

  2. Caramel Midi Dress: | So this also comes in black or olive green. The caramel is where it’s at for me because that’s a neutral. I can wear it belted, under a blazer, with sneakers or heels.

  3. Vacation Bag: | I love this wooden see through situation. It’s giving tropical vacation but at the same time it’s still a statement that you can wear anywhere. I’d like to see this paired with a bright color so the bag can stand out!

  4. Clear Eyeglasses: | Clear eyeglasses are SOOOO cute when you have on an outfit thats super chill but you want to elevate it a bit.. THIS is how you do it!

  5. Cream & Gold Purse: | I love this with the caramel midi dress and clear eyeglasses… I did say I was giving you versatility right? Imagine these 3 items together… LUSH!

  6. Off white thick straped dress: | Need a dress that you can dress up or down? This is the one! The neckline will give you going out but the comfort says brunch

  7. The sparkle bag of the season: | If you don’t get this bag, your new internet bestie Kira will tell you that you’re SLIPPING!! It also comes in different colors but this silver babyyyyyyyyyyy. Thank me later!

  8. Oversized Blazer: | This blazer is killer. Plus it’s going to be around for awhile… I see this through next summer… I would hop on this from Amazon before the box brands want to charge $100+

  9. Orange Midi Skirt: | I am going to LIVEEEEE in this you hear me?? The stretch on this + those cutie little cut outs? SIGN ME UP!! It comes in neutrals but it’s all about color blocking these days so go with the pop of color and pair it with the green bag… Yes the green!

  10. Gucci Sunnies: | Need I say more?

  11. Blue Wristlet: | 1 word: FIRE!!! Ok so not only does this come in 10 colors but this fits exactly what you need. Lip gloss/liner, phone and your ID. Don’t need a wallet because it’s hot girl summer!

  12. Light blue thick heels: | I gagged when I saw these like how freaking perfect is this heel?? The thickness of it gives you comfort and the cute bow is everything. Paired with the blue wristlet and the off white thick straped dress? THANK ME LATERRRRRR

Hope you love my recommendations… Can’t wait to see what‘s your favorite one… Tell me in the comments below!

If you want more from my amazon storefront, here you go:

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