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Just call me a “Wine Connoisseur”

Hey Babes!

I am adding a new content pillar to my social media accounts and kind of unsure how it will go… So I wanted to break the news here first!

So I am very much into wine! Ok! IYKYK! I love a good glass of white wine or rose. I am also dabbling into the red as well. So while I try new wines, I want to document! Add my suggestions to social media so maybe, just maybe, you know what to order the next time you’re at your favorite restaurant!

Pictured here is a cute setup I did for hubby. Our 11 year anniversary is in 9 days! I can’t believe it! So when he comes home, he’ll be surprised. Can’t wait!

Right now my GO TO for a good time is Veuve Du Vernay Ice Rose. Quoted from Total Wine:

“France - This pink French sparkler is a real sweetie in every sense of the word. Overflowing with vibrant raspberries, summer plums and florals, it's fleshy and lightly creamy on the palate with a nice clean bite to freshen up the finish..”

Grab yourself a bottle here:

You won’t regret it!

Update: I had ordered food. This was just an appetizer.

**Must be 21 or older to consume alcohol in the United States. Please follow all state and local laws when drinking alcohol. Always consume alcohol responsibly.**

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