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How to recreate my Instagram Makeup Look

Updated: May 19, 2022

Let’s talk beauty… I love playing in Makeup and all the time, I am asked: “what lashes do you use?” or “what is your foundation color?”...

Here I break it all down:


Makeup brushes link:

Shadow palette:

Foundation: 170N

Concealer: Dark40

Setting spray:

Foundation Stix (Contour): 210c

Mac powder: Dark

Setting Powder:

Dramatic Lashes:

Natural Lashes:


Beauty Blenders:

Lip Liner: BFF 3 Pencil


Lipstick: Matte Moiselle - Up 2 no good by Fenty Beauty (sold out)

Ok babes! Make me proud and go recreate this look! Tag me in it when you do!



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