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Fun in the sun!

To finish our Anniversary weekend we decided to have a day filled with laughter at the beach. It was so last minute and the spontaneity is what made it so special.

I got this really cute swimsuit and cover up from: @cincinswim

Ava's bikini is from Target last year

Sharif's trunks are from Fashion Nova Men


10 things we just needed at the beach:

  1. Beach toys! Can't forge to have the little one entertained just in case we want to relax by the beach chairs.

  2. Our Speaker because we had to play that new Drake "Honestly, Nevermind"

  3. Sunscreen for sure:

  4. Sunnies:

  5. Beach Towels:

  6. Our cooler kept all the snacks and lunch cool:

  7. The beach bag that held it all:

  8. Water, snacks and lunch because the sun drains

  9. Hats so our heads won't burn!

  10. A positive attitude to deal with that 90 degree weather!

What do you babes bring to the beach that I'm missing! Would love to hear below!

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