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From my social media you wouldn’t know I was a Mom & Wife…

Updated: May 17, 2022

Look at me being a little sneaky sneaky...

I moved to Miami in 2010 at 21 years old. I was here for a year partying and living my best life. Until one day at CLUB PLAY, I met my now husband, Sharif. I was only here a year and he swept me off my feet. We have been together ever since. In 2013, he proposed to me at Casa Tua. Then 2015 we gathered our closest friends and family to celebrate our love. At the wedding, we had a surprise guest!


I found out I was pregnant about a week before we got married. That was a rollercoaster ride! At the wedding, we shared a fun video showcasing our love and our fun playful side. Then SURPRISE - we played our ultrasound and the crowd heard Ava‘s heartbeat. We truly felt the love as everyone jumped up and rushed over to us. I had to tell people and quick becuase they would question why I was not drinking on my wedding night.

Social Media for my husband and I was never a place to broadcast our love. We didn’t need validation from the internet to let people know how we felt. So when I first created IG (this was like 2012). I was a little late to the game but I didn’t show much on there. Just my going out looks, but when I got pregnant, my current followers were so invested in that journey that my fashion content wasn’t being liked & saved the way I wanted.

{OMG! Look at one of my posts from 2012}

Fast forward to 2020, we went on vacation and I had some bomb looks planned. I said let me start a new account strictly about fashion and promoting my business. Hence @kiraabboud.

Now we‘re here and I am obsessed with creating content and it being ALL about fashion. If you want more mom life, check out any of my weekly vlogs on YouTube or check back here for a random mom & wife post.

Do you cringe at your older posts or just me???

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