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Designer or Amazon

Amazon coming through with the similar items, but would you buy it?? Let’s dive in to my top 10 amazon products that are inspired by others.

10: Balenciaga Sunglasses

9. Julian Hakes

8. Dior Saddle Bag

7. Bottega Heels

6. Fendi First

5. Van Cleefs & Arpels Bracelet

4. Bottega Slides

3. Versace Platform Heels

2. Bottega Purse

1. Skims Dupe

Bonus: Tom Ford Heels Or

Check out all of them:

Please remember these are inspired and not the real designer so they won’t be perfect. You are paying for what you get! Make sure you shop responsibly.

I have 5/10 from this list and let me say - I love each one!

These links are affiliate links and they help me get a small commission when you shop - so help a sis out if you’re feeling any of these!

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