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Come to Pretty Little Thing with me!

A little background on this PLT visit. I always used to see women on my timeline go and I’m like “Where is it?”, ”OMG it’s only open to influencers!” & lastly ”How can I get in?”…

I say within the past month, I really wanted to experience the showroom and actively persuing the idea of getting in! One thing led to another and an IG friend of a friend went, put in a good word and now fast forward on Tuesday the 24th we got in!

BTW HUGE THANK YOU @sammystylin for bringing me with you to #PLTXMIAMI

I grabbed my camera and recorded the entire experience. I recorded my makeup, hair, drive and the showroom. Which conveniently we were there all by ourselves!! Inside was the girly girl pink that the gworls LOVE! It had so many “instagrammable” (that’s a word) moments! The unicorn/pegasus thing was my favorite! It definitely felt like a VIP experience!

The next time I go, I plan on staying in the area for awhile. It’s really close to Ocean Drive and all the other cool stores.

Is it what you pictured? Let me know in the comments below!

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