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BIRTHDAY VLOG: Hotels Xcaret, Crying in a restaurant, Emotional, LIIIITTT Birthday Week

Yall rewatching this just brought so much emotion back to me. It was such a great trip. So sad I’m back home! I hope you enjoy. I’m linking everything below just in case you want to shop my looks! Some of them are affiliate links - you click and I get paid (at no extra cost to you)!

Location: @hotelxcaretarte4104

Day 1:

Hermes Flip Flops: @hermes

Black Romper:




Sheer Pants; @iconswim

Red Dress:

Gold/Clear Heels;

Day 2:

Black Dress:

Red Dress: @sw__label

Clear Frames:

Gold Hoops:

Fendi Clutch: @Fendi

Yellow Bikini:

Sarong: Pearl Top:

White Pants:

Curling Iron:

Phone Case:

Day 3:

Blue Romper;

Blue Crochet Bikini:



Black Dinner Dress:

Snail Earrings:

Day 5:

Black Sheer Bikini: @__outcastclothing

Sorry for the abrupt ending… I wanted to live in the moment on the last day. We hung with 3 couples for the day and didn’t want to record them. But I hope you loved the vibe you did see. Hubby and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

#birthday #birthdayvlog #mexico #travelvlog #hotelxcaret

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