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Biggest Brand Deal Ever!

Thanks Fashion Nova!

So who knows what an UGC deal is? It's a brand deal titled "User Generated Content" where you just create content for the brand (AKA they are feeling your content).

They picked the main looks they had to have pictures of and I was able to pick the complementary pieces to make the outfit look good! Basically I picked the shoes, accessories and any tops/bottoms needed!

What do I mean by biggest brand deal ever? I had to deliver 40 images in 7 days! That's a lot of work and the content had to be "lifestyle". Which means out and about in this Florida heat! I was changing in the car, the sweat was dripping on those faux leather and long sleeved fits! Even though it sounds crazy- I had a blast creating these looks, styling them and showcasing to a huge brand the content that I can create!

Now influencers let's get real- when you have other brand deals and a whole life, it's hard to commit to something so big but when they said (and I quote):

"You don't have to post just create content!"

I was sold!

I added a rush fee and we negotiated terms and here's how some of the pics came out:

Let's see if I'll pop up on the website :)

P.S. There will be a youtube video uploading soon with all the looks I was obsessed with and links!

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