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Ava Rates My Miss Lola Outfits

I may never get a brand deal after this!

I got a few items from Miss Lola and wanted to show them off And she had some things to say. Ava was so brutally honest, I couldn‘t help but crack up!

Watch our video below and let me know your thoughts:

Here’s my promo code: KIRA to shop everything MISS LOLA

Everything is tagged below, if it’s not, it’s sold out:

Zebra platforms:

White Bodysuit:

Denim Shorts:

Pink Clear heels with diamonds:

Black Finale Dress:

Green Set:

Pink Fuzzy Heels:

Mini Natural Dress:

Nude Heels:

Purple Purse:

Colorful Romper:

To create this video, I used:

18 “ Ring Light:


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