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Amazon Finds: Influencer Tools I use daily!

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

I always get asked who takes your pictures… ummmm ME! I don’t have a photographer but thanks to Amazon I have all the tools to be self sufficient. I am so excited to share all the goods I use…

Let’s talk tools!

Row 1 (Left to Right):

  • Tripod 1 “The aesthetic tripod”: So I love this cute white tripod when I feel I am going to get the tripod in the picture or shot.

  • Phone Mount: I love adding this to my mirror in the bathroom so I can do my makeup and record it at the same time.

  • Camera Mount for the car: I love this when I need to drive and record for my weekly vlog. It comes in handy and it doesn’t shake when you go over bumps. It keeps the camera steady.

Row 2 (Left to Right):

  • My Vlogging Camera: I use this for EVERY VLOG. It is so bomb! It’s lightweight and the quality is amazing when you haven the right settings. It comes in a kit so everything you need is inside. From batteries to a mini tripod. This is worth the money.

  • Multiple holding Tripod: It holds a professional camera and a phone. The height gets to be as tall as me and I am 5’4 so it gets the perfect angles. I love how sturdy it is during windy days as well.

  • Ring Light: I love the different settings on this light. When I record my makeup I like the soft light and when I do my try on hauls the bright white light is amazing to showcase colors.

Row 3 (Left to Right):

  • The light every influencer or content creator needs to have well lit photos when going out. This little light packs a punch. It’s rechargeable and clips on to your phone.

  • The car charger that saves lives! Clip this into your car and you can bring hair curlers or dslr chargers on the go… Also really good for road trips.

  • The sunset aesthetic light. Add a little sunset warmth to your photos in the house and reflect against the wall. Change the colors to give a different look to keep your page bomb!

So tell me… Which one will you grab?

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