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Amazon Home Decor - In Black

Updated: May 30, 2022

Hey Babes!

I'm on Amazon... again! Be prepared to have a million Amazon posts ok! But any who, my house colors are gray, white, light wood and black. So I decided I wanted to add more black elements in my home. So I thought let me show you what's in my cart. You can tell me what you're loving in the comments below...

Row 1: Kitchen

Row 2: Bathroom

Row 3: Bedroom

Row 1 (Left to Right)

Row 2 (Left to Right)

  • Let's organize under those bathroom vanities but make it chic. I can see sponges, cleaning supplies or makeup:

  • Tired of looking at the toilet brush when in the restroom? Give it a space so no one can see it? Highly recommend this in all bathrooms but mainly in the one with the most traffic:

  • Cleaning up after yourself is essential. Whether you think wipes are best or not its always good to have them close by just in case. Here's a subtle but cute place to keep them:

Row 3 (Left to Right)

  • Keep your room smelling extra fresh with this sleek diffuser. It's also adds as a car diffuser as well (it fits perfectly in the cupholder):

  • I am obsessed with Jackie Aina's technique of steaming the sheets to give your room a hotel feel... It's worth every second. As a woman who uses her home as an office, content creation place, and more the little extra time to create that nighttime oasis is needed:

  • One thing about me, I HATE PULLING OUT the large vacuum when I have a small area to cover... So I saw this and saw the $70 price tag and said "it's worth every penny for my sanity!":

Which home decor item are you feeling?

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