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Amazon Finds: Home Decor Aesthetic Edition

We’re all scrolling on social media and we have that one person we follow that’s home is so aesthetic and cute. I found some necessities for a ‘dreamy’ home below…

Row 1 (Left to Right):

  • Pampas Grass? Need I say more… Add these to an unique vase and voila!

  • Mirrored Adhesive clock: Need something to take up a whole wall but you haven’t found wall art? Let this replace that idea

  • Circular Mirror: A necessity for front camera facing pics. What I love about this is they offer multiple sizes. Get a smaller version for the aesthetics or get a larger version to hang.

Row 2 (Left to Right):

  • I call this the vacation rug. What I love about these pieces is that you can make your home a hotel or a luxury getaway. This rug just spice things up

  • The vase you must have! I would totally add the pampas grass in here but honestly it can stand alone…

  • Books as decor? I know you’ve seen it done, but now it’s time that you do it! I love that it comes with twine to keep them together. Also comes in black

Row 3 (Left to Right):

  • The clock that also charges. Not only is it cute for the bedside it’s functional as well. With it telling you the temperature to it having a weekend vs weekend clock. It’s only right to add to cart.

  • Then coffee table of dreams. Do you see this? Imagine the vase with the decor books on top with a remote control? I mean picture this beauty in your living room

  • Wooden Links: When I first saw this I was like why do I need this? But the more I seen it the more I realized it adds to any shelf or coffee table and makes it luxurious

So which one is your favorite?

Check out more household items here:

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