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Amazon Finds: Gadgets you didn’t know you needed

I cannot believe how these little tiny gadgets are such a game changer!! I have been incorporating these into my daily life and now everything is running more smooth and effective….

Without any further ado, let’s get into these must haves!

First up we have a mini fridge. I see so much being done with this. A place for your skincare so it doesn’t go bad, for a kids playroom, and/or by your beside for quick access to your favorite drinks at night

Still working remote? Try this new tabletop desk fit for sitting or standing. It’s adjustable and made to not have lower back pains for a more functional work day

The desk lamp that is extremely necessary. It’s a lamp, phone holder, charger and bluetooth charger. All this for under $40- just add to cart

This ziploc/tupperware contraption is literally one for the books. It can be used to serve things out of, pour and store

Calling all girlies that leave their curling irons plugged in all day. Now you can set how long you want the outlet to be one with this easy attachment.

The perfect bedside lamp has a touch light with multiple usb charging ports

The insanely famous electric lighter

Want a cute way to charge your apple watch? Grab this charger for your nightstand. They have so many cute colors

Are you a pet owner or have a friend with pets? This super portable food and water holder also has a dish attached for your furry friend to eat

Check out the rest of the gadgets I listed here:

Which one are you going to get this Prime Day?

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