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Affordable Amazon Accessory Haul

Hey Angels, Another amazon accessories haul because I'm obsessed! Options to wear for any occasion! Let me know down below where you would wear these too below!

Shop my Amazon Storefront here: and all these items below: Don't forget to shop all the items in this video using the links below! Thanks for watching y'all... LOVE YOU!

❤️ Instagram:

❤️ Instagram 2:

❤️ Tiktok:

❤️ Pinterest:

& Email for collaborations:


Pouf I’m sitting on:


Jumpsuit (Color Tea Leaf):


Gold Hoops:

Purses Blue:

Bling Bling: -

Concert Reel Links:

Everyday Purse:

Shoes Brown Flats:

Orange Flats: -

Reel Links:

Black Flats:

Floral Heels; -

Sole Grip:



Pink Bow Heels:

NB Sneakers:

Hats: Glitter Cap:

Fitted 1:


Reel Links:

Fitted 2:

Clear Frame Glasses:


Reel Links:

Earrings Chunky Hoops:

Tiny Hoops:

Cross Chain:

Try Before You Buy Program:


Filming Equipment: Sony a7iii:

Ring Light:

FTC Disclaimer: Some links above are affiliate links from Amazon which I get a small commission but does not affect you as a customer at all. All opinions are my own :)

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